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LOCAL TORONTO: Harlan Pepper


Once again my apologies for not updating in a while! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since I started my new internship. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make this important post – Local Toronto.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to work with some talented classmates of mine in my advance audio production course, our assignment was to record two singles with a local Toronto band. We were very lucky to be able to work with Harlan Pepper. I was speechless when I first checked out their single “Reefer”. Let’s just say these guys are young and very talented. Our recording session was two days straight and these guys knew exactly what they wanted and they sounded…flawless. At that point I’ve learned to ignore the idea of age and music. In the short amount of time I’ve spent with these guys in the recording studio, I was still so amazed at how they sounded, the originality and the true happiness they got out of doing something they love. I find it so important for artists to continue feeling passionate about something they love doing. As for Harlan Pepper they are exactly that, four friends who work hard at what they do while also having a great time. During the recording session, we also had a chance to film the two nights in the studio, the video shows exactly who these guys are in person. Keep an eye out on these guys, they’re just gonna get bigger. You can check out Harlan Pepper on July 9th at EdgeFest in Downsview Park.

Jimmy Hayes (guitar, pedal steel, harmonica), Dan Edmonds (banjo, keys, vocals), Thompson Wilson (bass, vocals), and Marlon Nicolle (drums, vocals) were barely out of high school when they formed in 2008 in the town of Hamilton, Ontario.

Already an accomplished live band Harlan Pepper has shared the stage with the likes of the Sadies, Born Ruffians, Two Hours Traffic, Lee Harvey Osmond, Huron, the Arkells, and Feist. With the AM radio crackling out a distant signal and a stack of instruments older than all of them in the back of the van, the band will be touring all through 2011 in support of their debut album, Young And Old.




As a student who is currently majoring in audio production, there are many projects which requires us to work with local Toronto musicians. In the past eight months I have had the privilege to work with various Toronto musicians, producers and DJ’s who had really inspired me. It is not easy spending various amounts of hours, days and nights doing something that you’re so passionate about and also trying to get the spotlight for it. Therefore, in return, I will feature some of the musicians that I have worked with previously because no one deserves more credit than these artists who put their lives into something that they love so much.

In the past four months I have worked closely with an artist, Paul Chin. Myself and group of other students from my program helped him and his bandmates (Jason and Sean) to get more exposure around the Greater Toronto Area and I was definitely happy with the outcome that we had with Paul. Many musicians that I have worked with before would be very egotistic and sometimes even greedy, but with Paul, Jason and Sean there was never a dull moment. These guys were the most modest musicians out there and enthusiastic about everything. In my opinion, doing something that you love – you must be optimistic, enthusiastic and always willing to learn and accept (even if the outcome wasn’t as expected).

Paul Chin’s lyrics fuse his love of language with his fascination of global culture to create a colourful style that is all his own. Growing up in the Cayman Islands, Chin was classically trained in piano and swing sax. And currently, he is a third year illustration student on full scholarship at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Chin’s creative process can best be described as synesthetic – he knows what a song will look like, and what a piece of art sounds like. With an original Mixtape of beats called invinciblemusic and The Pheobe EP under his belt, Chin’s working on his latest follow-up album, Age of Atlas. It promises to bring together the diverse musicians, influences, instruments and sounds that define Paul Chin’s internationally flavoured style to spread positivity, hope and art around his community and, by extension, to the world at large.

To support and see Paul Chin live on his birthday, check out this promo video!


Paul Chin – Let’s Get Some Tea

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Paul Chin – Heartbeat (Valentine’s Day)

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– Constance

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