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MixTape Wednesdays: Rematch – The White Panda


Rematch by whitepandamusic

I have to give so much credit to these guys, I have always been a huge fan of their work. And since their release of REMATCH, The White Panda have gotten a bigger and much more respected name in the blogosphere. Rematch features 47 mash-up tracks with over 100 different samples from various artists. Although this mix-tape is a bit old, I wanted to share it with everyone and show how much work and detail that goes into making a mash-up and mix-tape.

For more tracks by The White Panda check out:


Download MixTape: HERE

Full Track Listing
1. Juicy O’Riley (Notorious B.I.G // The Who)
2. Don’t Wanna Hurt Your Neck (Khia // The Sounds)
3. Intergalactic Spell (Beastie Boys // Alphabeat)
4. Replaylight (Iyaz // Matt & Kim)
5. Nothin’ On Paris (B.o.B // Friendly Fires)
6. Genius of Play (David Banner // Tom Tom Club)
7. Flippin’ Style (50 Cent // Flipsyde)
8. Alejandhoes (Ludacris // Lady GaGa)
?9. The Next Starfucker (Dr. Dre // Starfucker)
10. Excuse Me Miss Cyrus (Jay-Z // Miley Cyrus)
?11. Get Like Butterflies (David Banner // Crazy Town)
?12. Teach a Billionaire to Diggity (Blackstreet // Cali Swag District // Travis McCoy)
13. Praise Outkast (Outkast // Fatboy Slim)
14. Tipsy In The Sun (J-Kwon // Weezer)
15. Sugar Groove (Flo Rida // Madonna)
16. Smooth Ballin’ (Tupac // Michael Jackson)
?17. Welcome to Celebration (Ludacris // Kool & The Gang)
18. Ahh California (Trey Songz // Katy Perry)
19. The Independent Touch (Webbie // Bloodhound Gang)
?20. Final Thong (Sisqo // Cassian)
21. Ritual God (Usher // Worship // Bestrack)
?22. Freak Faces 2Night (Willie Wonk // Electric Youth)
?23. A Cholo You Know (Down AKA Kilo // Two Door Cinema Club)
24. Get Ready To Go Low (Ludacris // 2 Unlimited)
25. Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Romance You (Lady GaGa // Black Kids)
26. Never Gonna Set Me Free (Rick Astley // Phonat)
27. I’ll Get Your Whistle (Too Short // Classixx)
28. One More Whoop (Tag Team // Daft Punk)
29. Wired To The Systems (Dorrough // Knightlife // Ying Yang Twins)
30. Heads Will Shake (Eminem // A-Trak // Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
?31. Hold On My Momma ( // The Vanish // Russ Chimes)
32. Raining Rude Boys (Rihanna // Moby)
33. Got Some Stratosphere (Obie Trice // Junkie XL)
34. I Wish I Broke Your Heart (Skee-Lo // Taio Cruz)
?35. Flashtomania (Phoenix // Calvin Harris)
36. How We Remember (The Game // David Guetta)
37. Rhythm To The House (Snap! // Trick Daddy)
38. Shake The Moonlight (Ying Yang Twins // Fonzerelli)
39. Always Push ‘Em Up (Fatman Scoop // Pet Shop Boys)
40. Kiss Anthonio (Chris Brown // Annie // Designer Drugs)
41. Prez-a-boo (Dead Prez // DEVO)
42. Overnight Panther (Twista // Crystal Castles)
43. Alone Over Here (Alice DeeJay // Young Jeezy)
44. Fireflies Goin’ Down (Young Joc // Owl City)
45. Drake & Diane (Drake // John Mellencamp)
46. Shooting Superstars (Eminem // Bag Raiders)
47. Pop Bottles Baby (Birdman // Justin Bieber)

MARCH 2010: Mash-Up Mondays


One Thousand Nine Hundred and One Folks (Immuzikation Blend) – Phoenix Vs. Peter, Bjorn and John

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

By: Immuzikation
DLink: (MP3)

Shooting Superstars – Eminem Vs. Bag Raiders
Shooting Superstars by whitepandamusic
By: The White Panda
DLink: (MP3)

Giving Up The Sunshowers – M.I.A. Vs. Vampire Weekend

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

By: The Hood Internet
DLink: (MP3)

Steady Romance – Lady Gaga Vs. The Raconteurs

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

By: DJ Lobsterdust
DLink: (MP3)

Source: 1

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FEBRUARY 2010: Remix Fridays


Ottoman (Redlight Remix) – Vampire Weekend

By: Redlight Remixes
DLink: (MP3)

Diamonds (DW Remix) – Slim Thug

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

By: Dave Wrangler
DLink: (MP3)

Hold the Line (GA&DU Remix) – Major Lazer
Major Lazer – Hold The Line (GA&DU REMIX) by  GA&DU
DLink: (MP3)

1901 (BbopNRokstedy Remix) – Phoenix
By: BbopNRokstedy
DLink: (MP3)

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JANUARY 2010: Remix Fridays – REDIAL


REDIAL’s Myspace

All the way from Sydney, Australia – Redial has become well known across the globe for his tracks and joint performances. He’s currently touring in his home country, but hopefully he will soon extend his tour to the US and Canada. Redial has shared the stage with Toxic Avenger, Danger and Data. For more information about REDIAL check out his MySpace.

Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes OldSchool Remix) – The Killers
-This first track is how I discovered him, you guys should really give it a listen.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

DLink: (MP3)

Lisztomania (Redial Remix) – Phoenix
DLink: (MP3)

One In A Million (Redial Remix) – Data
DLink: (MP3)

Night By Night (Redial Remix) – Chromeo

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

DLink: (MP3)

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DECEMBER 2009: Room-Noise Best of 2009


I cannot believe it’s been more than half a year since I started Room-Noise, I started this blog because I love music (as cheesy as that sounds). And I wanted to push myself to become more motivated to do more research, to get to know more artists and genres. And for some who might not believe me, blogging sometimes can be a major pain in the ass. There are time when I don’t even want to post anything, but you just got to push yourself to do it when you really love it. As a blogger and an aspiring student who wants to work in the Music Industry one day, I thank all my visitors and friends – without you I wouldn’t have any passion for music. I would also like to thank all the musicians, DJs and anyone who has put in so much effort to promote themselves and other musicians that makes music for the world.

Room-Noise has grown so much (I would say that since I’m the owner) and to be honest I am REALLY thankful to the following artists that has taken the time to thank and comment on Room-Noise and has sent me their music for me to promote:

- CJ Milli
- Down With Webster

Room-Noise’s BEST OF 2009 is obviously my personal opinion and is mainly based off of my Last.Fm account. So if you disagree with something stop reading and just click exit. Most of the written facts/opinions are how I discovered the following Top 10 Artists and what to look out for in the near future.

As a huge fan, I am absolutely so proud of Lady Gaga, as some of you might of seen I have probably written about her the most out of any other artists on this blog. I first discovered Lady Gaga through her single “Just Dance” back in summer of 2008. At first I didn’t really know much about her style in music or even about her as an artist. My friend had told me about her second single Poker Face in September of ’08 since it was one of the most played songs at University parties and that it had a great beat. One song led to another and I had realized Lady Gaga’s visual and musical style was something new and creative that (to me) would change the era of Pop music. When I first searched up Lady Gaga on Wikipedia, her page was only a paragraph long, now (in 2009) every time I check out the page it gets longer each time. Stefani Germanotta, played a show in Waterloo, Ontario in November 2008 at ELEMENTS club where there were probably no more than 500 people and tickets were being sold for $25. Exactly a year later Gaga has played a SOLD OUT show in Air Canada Center in Toronto, along with Six 2010 Grammy Nominations. It was because of Lady Gaga that I had branched off to Electronic music. I would put her number one on this list, but that some what means I’m selling out to the more popular musicians.

Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)Lady Gaga
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

I didn’t discover all three of these female artist until Summer of 2009, it was mainly because of Steve Aoki’s 2007 Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles album that made me wonder who were these female rappers? I took a look at their MySpace pages and there Last.Fm accounts, and I was amazed at how much talent and different styles that each of these women had. I know it’s unfair to put three people in one spot, but I feel that I should mention them to give people a notice and taste at the new era of Female Rappers of Indie Rock and Electronic Hip-Hop.

Shove It (Grandtheft Remix)Santigold Featuring Spank Rock
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

I Might Like Ghosts Better (DJ Paul V)Amanda Blank Vs. Deadmau5
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Shake and PopSteve Aoki Featuring Kid Sister
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

I cannot believe DJs like France’s David Guetta and Italy’s Benny Benassi are over 40 years old (who are also born in the same year) and create these amazing tracks that make teens to young adults dance at night clubs or just putting the song to maximum volume in their cars. I guess age does not matter at all in the Electronic world. David Guetta’s2009 Album One Love featured over 11 different artists, these collaborations made his album sound even better than it already was. I had watched one of the “Making of One Love” music video and David Guetta seemed like the most humble person ever. Although David might not be fully bilingual, he still can connect with other English speaking artists across the globe to make music.

Bitch Friend (feat. Ludacris) [Luny P Mix]David Guetta
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

The Beatles? Why are they on this list? Well I must say I wasn’t a huge Beatles fan until the film Across the Universe but also my internship…and the massive amount of Beatles products that were being sold in 2009. Although The Beatles are long and done, they deserve a mention to the new generation of music lovers. They are the basis of everything that we listen to today. And if you’ve seen any documentaries about them you would know that their creativity in music cannot be ever redone again.

Eleanor Rigby (Soulwax Remix)The Beatles
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Night Beatle (Daft Punk Vs. The Beatles)Go Home
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

My first thought about this band was “where were you in all my life?!?” In 2009 Phoenix exploded out of no where into the blogging scene, television commercials for movies and products and on YouTube. But believe it or not, Phoenix has been together for over a decade. I guess it takes time to discover bands like this one because their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix sounds and reminds me of a Romance film back in the 50s’. Phoenix has this distinct taste and style in their lyrics and melody that I cannot explain until you give them a listen. I highly recommend this band to anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet – which I doubt at this point.

Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)Phoenix
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

1901 (Fabian Remix)Phoenix
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

When I first heard about Kid Cudi I thought he was going to be a one hit wonder with this single Day ‘N’ Nite – I guessed wrong. And it wasn’t because of Kanye’s work that made him famous, to me it was because of the successful remix that Crookers did. And to be honest I thought the original track of Day ‘N’ Nite was just too slow for me, although the lyrics might be a bit hilarious. Kid Cudi wouldn’t get as much hype as he would without that one remixed single. The reason why Kid Cudi was put on Room-Noise’s Top 10 was because of his originality in Electronic Hip-Hop. His first album Man On The Moon proves that he does not need just one remixed single to make him successful. Cudi’s collaboration with MGMT and RATATAT proved his passion with other electronic artists and combining it with Hip-Hop and Rap, which we will surely see become more popular in 2010.

Memories (Featuring Kid Cudi)David Guetta
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Cudderisback (Kid Cudi vs. Vampire Weekend)Kid Cudi & Vampire Weekend
(MP3), (iTunes)

Redfoo and Sky Blu, the two guys that make up LMFAO. In 2009 this Electronic Hip Hop band became known for their only single I’m In Miami Bitch to being Grammy Nominated with their first album Party Rock that hit Billboard’s Top 100 instantly. I saw LMFAO in August 2009 at a night club in Toronto and knew that they had to be one of the best Electronic bands out there to play in clubs and parties. Obviously some of their songs are overplayed now, but I high recommend buying their album if you want to listen to some good music to get drunk with your friends.

Get U Home (Party Rock Remix)Shwayze & LMFAO
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Get Outta Your Mind (feat. LMFAO)Lil Jon
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

The Bloody Beetroots can be described in two words, Holy Fuck. It was because of Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea that made my love for Electronic Music in 2009 sky rocket. I first discovered this band in April 2009 by looking at Crooker’s MySpace. I instantly fell in love with their style in Electronic House and Dance. I have never heard anything like that before and as a music blogger – I love music that makes you want to dance. The Bloody Beetroots instantly gave me that feeling when I heard their most popular single yet, Warp 1.9 featuring Steve Aoki. Be on the lookout in 2010 for a collaboration between Aoki and Rifo – “RIFOKI” which features a total different taste in music style from their usual. “RIFOKI” will be a combination of Punk Rock, Screamo and Electronic.

It’s Better a DJ On 2 TurntablesThe Bloody Beetroots
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

RMXS 2009 TeaserThe Bloody Beetroots
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

I still cannot believe how some people have not heard of Metric yet. Another reason why I’m proud to be Canadian is because of this band – I saw Metric live twice this year. And there was not a single moment of disappointment in their performance and that also goes for their fourth album Fantasies. I must say that it is my second favourite album by them, the first is Grow Up and Blow Away, another reason why I love this band so much is again, their style, lyrics and melody. It is a similar feeling that I have towards Phoenix as well, if you haven’t heard a song by Metric yet, I suggest you check them out ASAP!

The End Has No End (The Strokes Cover)Metric
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Collect Call (Tom Wrecks Remix)Metric
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

There isn’t much to say about how amazing Hyper Crush is. I have not heard a band like this before where it is a combination of Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic with…video games as background music effect. Hyper Crush has grown on me over the summer of 2009 and with a very similar style to LMFAO, Hyper Crush deserves to be number one on this list because I just want to simply promote them as much as I can. I believe that they’re gonna make it bigger than they already are within the next year, so give them a try and listen to their singles on their MySpace. Their album The Arcade is no let down, Hyper Crush is currently my favourite band of 2009.

Sex and Drugs (Benny Benassi Satisfaction Remix)Hyper Crush
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Keep UpHyper Crush
DLink: (MP3), (iTunes)

Cheers to another decade of great music to come.

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OCTOBER 2009: Remix Fridays


Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo (Acousitc Version)
Remix By:
DL Link: MP3 Here

She Wolf – Shakira
Remix By: Pance Party
DL Link: MP3 Here

Loud Pipes – Ratatat
Remix By: GMGN
DL Link: MP3 Here

Listzomania – Phoenix
Remix By: DSL
DL Link: MP3 Here

Fences – Phoenix
Remix By: Grincheux & Dangereux
DL Link: MP3 Here

To DJs, feel free to email me any of your upcoming mash-up or remixes!

OCTOBER 2009: Mash-Up Monday


Lisztomania Coming Out of A Monkey – Phoenix Vs. Gorillaz
By: Sebwax
DLink: (MP3)

99 Fences – Phoenix Vs. Jay Z
By: Don Diablo
DLink: (MP3)

You Belong With Ghosts – DJ Fergie Ferg Vs. Taylor Swift
By: DJ Fergie Ferg
DLink: (MP3)

My Life Would Suck Without a Milli (The White Panda Mash) – Kelly Clarkson Vs. Lil Wayne
By: The White Panda Mash
DLink: (MP3)

Can I Love in This Club – Usher feat. Young Jeezy vs. Ray J. feat. Young Berg
By: DJ Fergie Ferg
DLink: (MP3)

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