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Mash-Up Mondays – Culture Shock – Titus Jones


“Culture Shock will feature roughly over 50 artists mashed up into about an hour’s worth of Titus Jones mashups. Every single one of the tracks, with the exception of the first Culture Shock track I’ve already released – Hold Your Sexy Arms Against Me – will be brand new, never before heard.

It’s heavy on the Britney, heavy on the 80′s, and heavy on the hits. It’s also got a few good 90′s tracks in there as well, plus some good early 2000s tracks too! It’s VERY dance-able. I’ve stirred in a few country artists, some classic rock, some rap and hip-hop, some electro, and it’s chock full of shameless POP.” – Titus Jones

Today marks the release of Titus Jones’ first full mash-up album Culture Shock. With a total of 14 new mash-ups, I hope all the listeners here on Room-Noise will enjoy this brand new album. I have always been a huge supporter of Titus Jones and so far, this album sounds fantastic.


Titus Jones: Culture Shock by titusjones

Culture Shock – Titus Jones

01. – Introduction
3OH!3 vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Christina Aguilera Feat. Redman vs. Tom Ashbrook (NPR) vs. Sue Teller (YouTube)

02. – Hold Your Sexy Arms Against Me
Britney Spears vs. Cutting Crew & Resource v. David Guetta Feat. Akon vs. P!nk vs. Taylor Swift

03. – College Is Crazy
Britney Spears vs. Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z vs. Asher Roth vs. Gnarls Barkley

04. – Touchin’ On A Firework Sucks
Cascada vs. Kelly Clarkson vs. Katy Perry vs. Bon Jovi vs. Backstreet Boys

05. – Cold Woman Uprising
Muse vs. Britney Spears vs. Carrie Underwood vs. Foreigner

06. – Teenage Kids
Katy Perry vs. MGMT vs. Timbaland Feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.

07. – PokeStar
Rihanna vs. P!nk vs. Lady GaGa vs. Shop Boyz vs. Pokemon

08. – Rock Your S&M Fantasy Down Low
The Scorpions vs. Rihanna vs. Dev vs. Usher Feat. vs. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna

09. – Oops, I Shot Jolene’s Mom
Taio Cruz vs. Bon Jovi vs. Britney Spears vs. Dolly Parton vs. Fountains of Wayne

10. – We Love Hustlin’ Drugs
Weezer vs. Rick Ross vs. Ke$ha vs. Katy Perry vs. Afroman

11. – Never Givin’ Up My Only Barbie
Aqua vs. Rick Astley vs. Madonna vs. Rihanna

12. – How We Go Out (The Stomp! Remix)
Leslie Hall vs. Britney Spears vs. Destiny’s Child

13. – Unfaithful Sex
Rihanna vs. Kings Of Leon

14. – Don’t Stop Believin’ In This Love On Earth
Lady GaGa & New York Outlaw vs. Belinda Carlisle vs. Madonna vs. Journey vs. Ke$ha vs. Bruno Mars vs. Leona Lewis

- Constance

JANUARY 2010: Mash-Up Mondays


Tik Tok Evacuate The Dancefloor – Cascada Vs. Ke$ha
By: Ryson Remix
DLink: (MP3)

Womanizer On Fire – Britney Spears Vs. Kings of Leon
By: LeeDM101
DLink: (MP3)

If U Seek The Hand That Feeds – Britney Spears Vs. Nine Inch Nails
- I don’t know why there are so many new Mash-Ups with Britney..but whatever.
By: Dan Mei
DLink: (MP3)

Wonder Halo – Oasis Vs. Beyonce
- I really like this one, you guys should download it!
By: Dan Mei
DLink: (MP3)

Download these tracks before they get deleted.

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NOVEMBER 2009: Room-Noise Show Five Downloads



Come back next Tuesday on SPIRITLIVE.NET at 3 PM.

To see all the files click here

1.) Dance Party Track – Cascada Vs. Lady GaGa Vs. Kat Deluna Vs. Kevin Rudolf Vs. Ashley Tisdale Vs. Paradiso Girls Vs. Britney Spears feat. Elephant Man, Colby O’Donis & Lil Wayne

2.) She Wolf (Pance Party Remix) – Shakira

3.) Let’s Get Crazy (Party Rock Remix) – Cassie Featuring Akon & LMFAO

4.) The Reward Is Bounce (Lights Over LA) – MSTRKRFT Vs. Deadmau5

5.) Shooting Star [Party Rock Mix] – David Rush Shooting Star (feat. LMFAO, Pitbull, Kevin Rudolf)

6.) Good Girls Burn Miami – Cobra Starship Vs. Sean Kingston Vs. Shakira Vs. LMFAO Vs. Lady Gaga

7.) Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix) – Ke$ha

8.) 3 (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) – Britney Spears

9.) Krazy Day N Nite – Pitbull vs. Lil Jon vs. Kid Cudi vs. Crookers

NOVEMBER 2009: Mash-Up Mondays


I got some really sick mash-ups this week. Finally a new single from Titus Jones! This post was written two weeks ago, so I’m saving it till NOW for you guys! He hasn’t even put it on his site but I had to search my bum off for his new single. I also found another good Mash-Up DJ “The Metamorphosis” just go below to check out his website. He’s done some pretty decent mash-ups. Enjoy!

Down LaLaLa Say – Jay Sean Vs. LMFAO Vs. Jason Derulo
By: The Metamorphosis
DLink: (MP3)

Good Girls Burn Miami – Sean Kingston Vs. Cobra Starship Vs. Lady Gaga Vs. Shakira Vs. LMFAO
By: Titus Jones
DLink: (MP3)

DANCE PARTY TRACK – Cascada vs. Lady GaGa vs. Kat Deluna vs. Kevin Rudolf vs. Ashley Tisdale vs. Paradiso Girls vs. Britney Spears feat. Elephant Man, Colby O’Donis & Lil Wayne
By: Ryson Remix
DLink: (MP3)

Electro-Starstrukk – Jupiter Rising Vs. 3OH!3
By: Drokas
DLink: (MP3)

Down Beautiful – Jay Sean Vs. Akon
By: Fabian
DLink: (MP3)

NOTE: some of these download links won’t last very long since mediafire tends to delete them after a certain time. So download them while you can!

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