Hey everyone, what’s up! Patrick Walford here with you. I just recieved my copy of A Day To Remember’s Highly Anticipated Fourth Album, What Separates Me From You, due out next Tuesday on Victory Records. Here are my thoughts upon first listen to the record.


1. “Sticks & Bricks” 3:17
2. “All I Want” 3:23
3. “It’s Complicated” 2:57
4. “This Is the House That Doubt Built” 3:30
5. “2nd Sucks” 2:28
6. “Better Off This Way” 3:26
7. “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” 3:17
8. “You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic” 3:48
9. “Out of Time” 3:27
10. “If I Leave” 3:24

Stick and Bricks- When I interviewed Jeremy on Rock The Walls in April he said that “The first track on the next record will be pissed as fuck. Expect it.” Sticks and Bricks is just that. The line leading into the breakdown “This song is for everyone who ever lied to my face, my heart is filled with hate” really kicks things off with a bang. A heavy song to start off the record.

All I Want-Already released. This song is currently 21st on the US Alternative Charts. Pretty impressive for the guys.

It’s Complicated-This is one of the most different songs A Day To Remember has released. It has a catchy chorus and a pure Pop Punk vibe to it. Expect this to be the next single off the record. Nonetheless the song is half decent.

This Is The House That Doubt Built- This is one of the more melodic and poppy ADTR songs to date. This is another potential single for them on Top 40 Radio.

2nd Sucks- Heavy Jam. Previous released prior to getting the record. This is the heaviest song on the record.

Better Off This Way- This is another straight up Pop Punk song. A Day To Remember proves they can right straight up heavy songs and pure pop punk songs.

All Signs Point To Lauderdale-Pop Punk jam. Kevin Skaff has a vocal part on it and it shines through. This song reminds me of Right Where I Want You To Be and Have Faith In Me combined. Towards the end there is a gang vocals that will have fans sing and clap along live.

You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic- 2nd Sucks mixed in with All I Want. The band goes back to what you would have expected to hear on Homesick. The lead up to the breakdown is similar to that of My Life For Hire.

Out of Time-The start reminds me of Fall Out Boy “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs”. The instrumentation sounds like All I Want part 2.

If I Leave-No acoustic track to end the record off this time! I really like the riff. This might be one of my favourites out of the straight-up “Pop Punk” tracks on the record.

Overall, the new A Day To Remember record is better than homesick, but doesn’t have any tracks that pop out at you right away like Downfall or Wax, Larry did. This record is more Poppy then Homesick so you can be sure the trolls will be out in fullforce because of it.

First Listen: 7.5/10

- Patrick Walford