Electronic music has certainly influenced many top singles and new artists of 2009 and late 2008. We hear about so many popular Electronic artists across the world, especially from Europe such as Benny Benassi, David Guetta and Tiesto. And additionally from the United States such as Diplo and Girl Talk who make it onto the Billboard charts. But what about Canada? Better yet, what about Toronto? The Electronic scene in Toronto and even around the world has a whole different sense of business, promotion and interaction. The new ways DJ’s are trying to make it into the music industry has it’s own particular success story. But many of these DJ’s already have one tool to their success and that is online music blogs. ElectriCITY, talks about the revolution of online music blogging in the Electronic scene and how it affects the future of the music industry, artists, and those who are trying to make it “big”. The Electronic genre and many others like it have an underlying promotion and business that gets the help from the most popular music blog aggregators such as Hype Machine, Elbo.ws, and MOG. Those sites collect and assist smaller blogs such as Salacious Sound and Electro Toronto who promote DJ’s from across the world and local areas. These online entries sometimes catch the attention of other popular musicians, or Artists and Repertoire’s in the industry that is looking for new talent. ElectriCITY explores these factors of success, struggle and the evolution of Electronic music through interviews with DJ’s, blog owners and club attendees.


Directed & Produced by: Connie Chan

CAST (In Order of Appearance):
Barletta – Hans Edquist
The Monarch – David King
Golden Gloves – Ben Rosenberg
DJ Cal – Cailen McQuattie
Golden Gloves – Kevin Cowie
John Roman
The Vamp – Antonino Cerminara
Stonewall Trackson – Marco Patricio

Directors Assistant: Jerrad Pulham
First Assistant Camera: Brian Lee
Second Assistant Camera: Jerrad Pulham
Third Assistant Camera: Samantha Miller
Production Assistants: Katherine Kwan, Kristen Watt
Lighting Technicians: Samantha Miller, Kristen Watt
Story Editor: Brian Trinh
Film Editor: Brian Lee
Second Assistant Editor: Connie Chan
Audio Editor: Connie Chan
Music Editor: Connie Chan

Carnivores – John Roman
Fire + Gold – Barletta
Huh? – John Roman & Golden Gloves
On The Floor – John Roman
Martyr – John Roman
Casablanca – Golden Gloves
Ready For This – John Roman
Whisper – Barletta