Does the Personality of the Artist Change the Way You Listen to Music?


While recently listening to Lady Gaga’s new track, Judas, I thought of how much she has changed. Not just her musical style but also her personality and the way she appears to her fans. This got me thinking even more, I personally don’t know if listeners out there really think of how musicians change when they get more popular. As for me, I have been on movie sets where I witnessed the true meaning of “candid celebrities”. And while I also deal with musicians for events and such, I also see how superficial and sometimes annoyingly cocky these bands can really get. But as a student who interns and really sees what goes on behind the scenes – do the fans of these popular artists do? It’s amazing how record labels and artists can sometimes blind the fans on how they come off on screen and how they really are behind it. This got me thinking; does the personality of the musician really affect the music that they make and the fans who support them?

I remember watching an interview of Lady Gaga with Louie La Vella back in 2008 at the Winter Music Conference. This interview was conducted right before she shot her first music video for Just Dance, this was the true emerging artist before her Fame Monster. If you watch the interview, you will see how different she has become. Gaga was one hundred percent about her LABEL, her music and for once, she was hyper. Not only is this a different side of Gaga that many fans have probably never seen but she also talked a lot about her background as an Italian and the fact that Interscope has helped her a lot.

Now moving on to 2010 when she agreed to do a live studio interview, answering questions from her fans. I was amazed by the contrast between the two interviews and how much she has changed physically and personality wise. She appeared to be much calmer and quieter than her 2008 interview. It demonstrates how fame can really change an artist and how they appear to be.

Now you’re thinking, Connie, what is your point? My point is – does this change the way we feel about their music or in the end does the personality of the musician really matter? I personally still love her music. And it illustrates how unimportant it is for hating on the person from that one band and how it will not make difference for the music they make. Sure some musicians may come off as a prick, but do you still enjoy their music? My argument in the end is that people shouldn’t be music elitist if they purely depend on the music they listen to on the artist themselves. Gaga might of changed but I feel that her music is still on a good level with me. She might not be the perfect example to show, but what I’m trying to state is that people should just enjoy music the way they want it and hating and judging other people on what music they listen to is just stupid.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Grum Remix)

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)

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– Constance

The New Room-Noise


I’ve had to revamp this blog at least three times in the past year, and it’s mainly because being dedicated to something such as this site takes a lot of time and effort. So I’ve decided to make some changes towards the way I blog and to somewhat keep it informal and simply post the music that I love to share with others. Most blogs nowadays post so much music everyday and I give these bloggers so much respect because it is literally a part time job.

What I have concluded is to blog is to start analyzing or also “rant” about some of the trends in music today. A couple of months back I wroteIs Britney Spears a Musical Genius – which I must say I was proud of writing something like that. I might not be a true music journalist. But I believe in writing about something that I’m very passionate about is as good as putting up free music for everyone to listen to. Clearly this blog is not about gaining popularity, but it is simply for music lovers such as myself to gain more knowledge about music and to share it with others out there.

So for PR’s, labels or other musicians, please keep sending me your submissions! I do look over them. But sometimes I choose the ones that I feel works well for me, and the viewers of this blog.






There’s been too much going on, and I feel awful for not updating this site. We’re just going on a short break, and hopefully we can revamp it one more time.

Keep on sending in your tracks to!

Is Britney Spears a Musical Genius?


For those who are heavily involved in the online music blogging world, the writers tend to know the music trends way in advance before the people who usually rely on the radio or the top 40 charts. In 2010, the top genres that had hit the mainstream were Electro, Dubstep, Nu-Disco and House. And guess what? Yesterday was the worldwide premiere of Britney Spears’ new single “Hold It Against Me”, produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. As soon as I pressed play to this song, I heard… Dubstep. Of course this does not surprise me, it is now 2011 where this genre has officially hit the international charts. But this is not the first time that Britney Spears is ahead of the game in terms of setting a trend in the top 40 charts.

In 2004, Britney had released one of her most well known single, Toxic. I encourage you to go on YouTube or even more conveniently, to your iTunes to refresh your mind of what this track sounded like. This song is the perfect example of what pop was like back in the early 2000s’ but what you probably don’t know is that Toxic is also another example of what the future of pop has become – electronically influenced as well as sampling. I am not accusing that Britney Spears had sampled another song for this track, but what made this song become such a big hit was that it was nothing like any other pop song out there back then. The producers, Bloodshy and Avant (who are also known today as Miike Snow), had definitely mixed the electro genre into this single. Especially during the interlude at 2:20, you can hear what is now commonly used in pop genres today: the synth, distortion and auto-tune (another common audio EQ that had once again became popular in 2007). The producers included the genres of rock, electro and also a musical theme of an undercover agent like “James Bond”, Britney Spears, Bloodyshy and Avant were six years in advance of musical trends. It’s sad to say that I did not discover this until recently, but now I have so much more respect for producers and of course, Britney Spears.

Six years later, if you played Toxic in a club it will still be a huge hit with the crowd because when you listen to it carefully it sounds exactly like every other pop song on the radio today. Now back to 2011, you have just listened to Britney’s new single, you realized she has used Dubstep and of course you are shocked, because not one single pop artist out there right now has done that. Those musicians are still producing electro tracks as their background song, they are still stuck in what is now an old trend. Same with auto-tune, it is still frequently used today, but it is not what it was back in 2007. Britney Spears is one step ahead of the game with her producers and listeners, she is hitting the target market to the people who purely listen to Dubstep, but as well as club DJ’s, the international audience and of course setting a trend that will become huge in the year of 2011. Listen to“Hold It Against Me” at 2:10, you will hear the increase of dynamics and as well as the major bass drop that is common in Dubstep.

Now, I don’t know if I have over analyzed Britney Spears’ musical talent, but it has definitely made me believe that she is one hell of a singer and songwriter who is one step of the game in the music industry. In 2011, just wait and see what I mean by Britney Spears being a music trendsetter. This is only the beginning for Dubstep in pop music. 

– Constance

Best Albums of 2010: Constance


2010; what a fucking year for new music. It’s not so much that music has changed in a sense of style and the people, it’s the fact that the music scene has slowly made a transition into something different and bringing the old and mixing it with the new. I find myself listening to various genres that sound similar in some ways with artists that blend genres together to make something new. And that is what I loved most about this year in music.

Throughout this week, writers of Room-Noise will post their favourite albums of 2010. I say thanks to all the visitors who supported Room-Noise by spreading the word about our site, I appreciate everyone who emails me their work and the people they promote. 2010 was an insane year for me, I thank all the people of Toronto who showed me a new light of the entire music scene in this city. Have a great New Year!

10. Drake – Thank Me Later

Gotta have some Canadian musician on this list…but I have to admit, Drake did surprise me with his lyrics. Read them.

9. MGMT – Congratulations

I was pretty disappointed by this album to be honest, but nonetheless their originality still remained the same.

8. Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels

If you like Florence and the Machine, watch out for Marina and the Diamonds…I’m 100% sure they will be blown out by MTV or any sort mainstream television network in 2011.

7. Girl Talk – All Day

Do I also need to mention that the release of this album almost “broke” the internet?

6. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I’m pretty sure majority of the bloggers out there have Kanye’s new album on their 2010 list. His personality is a shame, but his skills in creating and producing melodic tunes and harmony is never a disappointment but an improvement. My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy, not only surprised me by his well known collaborations but also branching away from his other artists cliche tunes. What I noticed a lot in this album was using a lot more orchestral instruments, and as some of you might have seen from other reviews, he sampled classical musicians? Overall, I wasn’t disappointed but impressed by how Kanye continuously grows as a musician. But sadly, his personality and attitude doesn’t.

5. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

More and more people need to know about Janelle Monae, her voice is magnificently BEAUTIFUL. Janelle went to an Arts and Drama Academy and was originally going to pursue a career in Broadway…and I’m glad she didn’t. She was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 and also this coming year for Best Contemporary R&B. I hope she wins because Janelle Monae is the perfect example of what classy R&B music should be today.


4. Mike Posner – 31 Minutes to Takeoff

I quickly fell in love with Mike Posner this year. Similar to the reason why I love Janelle Monae, Mike Posner also has a unique voice. I had the chance to see him live in October at Mod Club and I was very surprised with his live performance and vocals. Besides the yelling fan girls in the crowd, Posner continuously thanked his fans and the people who came to the show. Musicians usually do that at every show they perform at, but I could tell that he really meant it since he kept on saying it after every song. Throughout 2009 and 2010, Mike Posner was living a double life by being a full-time musician and recording his album 31 Minutes to Takeoff, but he was also a full-time student at Duke University – he graduated this year. Although I didn’t like every song on the album, majority of them stood out to me – lyrically and emotionally. Definitely an album to check out if you like heartbreak themed music.

LISTEN TO: Cheated, Please Don’t Go, Do You Wanna?

3. Vampire Weekend – Contra

Contra has possibly made onto everyone’s Top Albums of 2010, and of course, it’s on mine. And it makes sense, every song on this album was not a disappointment. This band grew in popularity so quickly throughout 2010, I remember they played at the Sound Academy and then having a sold out show at The Molson Amphitheater. I think why many people like Vampire Weekend so much is that they sound SO different from what other indie alternative bands sound like right now. There is no cliche sound with Vampire Weekend, they remain original with their sound. If you listen to every song on Contra, there are so many different melodic tunes going on at once, and what I liked the most is that they used instruments and tunes that are rarely used in music today. Similar to why I liked Kanye’s album, they both stepped away from just the bass and guitar. Contra is the best album to listen to when you just want to be in a good mood.

LISTEN TO: Taxi Cab, Giving Up the Gun, Horchata, Holiday

2. Kid Cudi – Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Cudderrisback (also one of my favourite mashups of all time), that phrase will never go away with Kid Cudi. This entire year was just Kid Cudi music over and over again. None of his singles from his first album left my playlist, and adding onto the list was his mix tapes and collaborations that he has done. I don’t know what more to say about Kid Cudi other than the fact that this man is talented with his lyrics and tune. I give so much respect for him since the mainstream rappers today on television have half naked women dancing next to them, but Cudi…has class. In this year Kid Cudi has made it to my all time favourite male rapper and also one of my favourite music videos – directed by MegaForce. Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager was a different level of emotion and melody yet it wasn’t complicated because, he just simply rapped about what he wanted in life and the things that meant most to him. To me, all of the songs and lyrics in this album was a psychedelic story.

LISTEN TO: Ashin’ Kusher, REVOFEV, Marijuana, Scott Mescudi Vs. The World

1. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

BEST ALBUM OF 2010. I can go on forever about this album…Two Door Cinema Club will definitely blow up in the mainstream in 2011. They already somewhat have in 2010 with their music videos, tours and singles. When I first listened to Tourist History back in May, I was absolutely shocked at how every song on this album was not a downer. I think the main reason why I loved this album and band so much is that they are a combination of Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab for Cutie and Phoenix. If you love all three of those bands, Two Door Cinema Club is for you. Not only is their sound a mix of everything I love, but it is also because their music is so different and simply fun. The last thing I need on my playlist right now are bands who scream about depressing issues – Two Door Cinema Club is the complete opposite. To me, they tell a love story with their lyrics and music. I give so much credit to this band and when I saw them live in October, it was definitely a reminder of why I love this band and why I must see them again.


– Constance

Room-Noise Radio Show – LIVE TODAY!


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Each week I will try to focus on one or two DJs and their featured remixes and mash-ups.

Today’s theme will be 2010 Summer Remixes.

– Constance Chan

Rock The Walls


What’s up everyone. My name is Patrick Walford. I am the Host and Producer of a radio show called Rock The Walls This is my first post here on Room-Noise.  You can check out my radioshow Rock The Walls Wednesdays at Midnight EST for my hour edition of the show , or Tuesdays from 7-10 PM EST for my three hour long, feature show on . I will also be launching my own website for my show in about a few weeks time.

For those unaware of what “Rock The Walls is…”Is that I play a mix of Punk/Ska/Hardcore/Metalcore. I also have segments like Inside The Music where artists explain the meanings behind some of their songs, Rock The Walls Independent Spotlight where I take a unsigned band and feature them on the show, along with your music news, concert calendar, interviews, etc.

First of all, a special thank you to Connie for choosing me to write some stuff for the site. I’m excited to bring you guys some new music and tons of other stuff.

“This” all started just over 3 years ago. It seems like alot longer to me, but I went to go and see my first ever concert when I was 17. Motion City Soundtrack.  After seeing that show I just became hooked to the band, and discovering new ones.

I was an (or so I thought) aspring Journalist. I decided I would like to Interview my favourite band for my high school website. Motion City Soundtrack. I sent a email out and did not expect a response. Much to my surprise, Epitaph contacted me back, and everything was set up. It will have been 3 years this November that I interviewed Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. I never would have believed three years ago that I have interviewed nearly 100 bands, had my own radioshow or anything. I feel like that kid on almost famous.

Someone told me a year and a half ago that “Rock The Walls was and would always be just a stupid college radio show”. Looking back, I can’t believe how much that motivated me to say “fuck you” and kick-ass.

A year later I’ve had numerous huge bands on the show such as New Found Glory, Sum 41, A Day To Remember, Anberlin, Tom Delonge of Blink-182, and had both Cancer Bats and Comeback Kid exclusively premiere songs on my show.

With the first post you will see  I was also incredibly lucky to Interview some bands for MUCH MUSIC this Summer at Warped Tour in Montreal.

None of this is from “sick connections” or “knowing someone”. It’s going out there and doing the work that needs to be done to make it happen. I am just like everyone else out there. A kid who loves music. All different kinds. Getting to personally talk to a vareity bands about their music, where they come from, etc. is an incredible honor.  It is something I take very personally and expect myself to always do the best I can do. I see far too many people do this sort of stuff and just don’t give a shit. Put everything you have into a passion of yours you love more then anything. Getting to rock out in the radio booth, bringing people exclusive news and interviews they can’t hear anywhere else is . IThis is the kind of stuff I love about doing my radioshow.

I also stress… whatever your passion is….painting, becoming a doctor, etc. DO IT! Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you are doing is stupid. You will never know until you try something.  Screw percentages, Screw anyone telling you you can’t do something because they think so. If you work hard, have a vision, and drive anything can happen.

I sit at my computer typing this baffled at what I have done so far, and excited for what is to come.

Join me next blog for some video/audio interview ACTION!

Take care,

Patrick Walford



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First of all I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support throughout the past year towards Room-Noise. Without blog readers, Room-Noise would not have lasted! For the past four months I have been through such a crazy experience. I had the opportunity to film a documentary that was part of Room-Noise and met so many great DJ’s and bloggers across the GTA. But sadly after the success of the film Google/Blogger had deleted – I quickly bought a new domain and decided to make it better than before. Because of ElectriCITY I had nearly no time to prepare and make Room-Noise a better blog and therefore no time to write or put up posts. Since August I have been slowly creating and finding new ways to make Room-Noise a better music blog for all kinds of people to stumble upon. Therefore, I officially announce that Room-Noise will not be owned by only me, but five new contributing writers! Room-Noise was originally a blog that was purely dedicated to Mash-Up, Remixes, Electro and Hip-Hop. But I have decided to make this blog open to all kinds of genres. Be on the lookout for great new posts and genres from our writers. Keep on visiting Room-Noise, and if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to forward them to

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