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Hey everyone. In case you do not read this blog on the regular, my name is Patrick Walford. I host and produce a radio show called Rock The Walls every Tuesday from 7-10pmEST on I play Pop Punk/Punk/Ska/Hardcore/Metalcore music along with interviewing bands.

On Rock The Walls I also have a variety of features. Segments like “Inside The Music” where I get the bands I interview to tell us the meaning behind some of their songs. Others include “Rock The Walls Independent Spotlight” where I do a feature on a unsigned band I am pretty excited about and a band you can expect some things to come. Many bands I have featured have went on to sign to labels such as Equal Vision Records (Chiodos, Bane, Fear Before).

Here are some videos I have made out of the audio I posted on Youtube from our “Inside The Music” and “Independent Spotlight” segments. Expect more to be uploaded daily!

Inside The Music: Dead and Divine-”Neon Jesus”

Inside The Music: A Day To Remember- “The Downfall Of Us All”

Independent Spotlight: Richmond, Virginia’s Safety Word Orange

Tell me what you think!


Patrick Walford
-Host/Producer of Rock The Walls

Silverstein Signs to Universal/Hopeless, Announces New EP


Silverstein has announced via Facebook that they have signed to Hopeless Records in the US/UK/Europe and Universal Records in Canada. The band will release a 5 song EP December 7th called Transitions Two songs will be from the upcoming full length to be released in 2011 and 3 B-Side songs.

The band is heading out on tour with The Devil Wears Prada and For Today throughout Canada from late November to mid December, and kick off the Winterizer US tour with Miss May I, Pierce The Veil, The Chariot, and A Bullet For Pretty Boy in January.

Exclusive: First Listen at A Day To Remember’s new record “What Seperates Me From You”


Hey everyone, what’s up! Patrick Walford here with you. I just recieved my copy of A Day To Remember’s Highly Anticipated Fourth Album, What Separates Me From You, due out next Tuesday on Victory Records. Here are my thoughts upon first listen to the record.


1. “Sticks & Bricks” 3:17
2. “All I Want” 3:23
3. “It’s Complicated” 2:57
4. “This Is the House That Doubt Built” 3:30
5. “2nd Sucks” 2:28
6. “Better Off This Way” 3:26
7. “All Signs Point to Lauderdale” 3:17
8. “You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic” 3:48
9. “Out of Time” 3:27
10. “If I Leave” 3:24

Stick and Bricks- When I interviewed Jeremy on Rock The Walls in April he said that “The first track on the next record will be pissed as fuck. Expect it.” Sticks and Bricks is just that. The line leading into the breakdown “This song is for everyone who ever lied to my face, my heart is filled with hate” really kicks things off with a bang. A heavy song to start off the record.

All I Want-Already released. This song is currently 21st on the US Alternative Charts. Pretty impressive for the guys.

It’s Complicated-This is one of the most different songs A Day To Remember has released. It has a catchy chorus and a pure Pop Punk vibe to it. Expect this to be the next single off the record. Nonetheless the song is half decent.

This Is The House That Doubt Built- This is one of the more melodic and poppy ADTR songs to date. This is another potential single for them on Top 40 Radio.

2nd Sucks- Heavy Jam. Previous released prior to getting the record. This is the heaviest song on the record.

Better Off This Way- This is another straight up Pop Punk song. A Day To Remember proves they can right straight up heavy songs and pure pop punk songs.

All Signs Point To Lauderdale-Pop Punk jam. Kevin Skaff has a vocal part on it and it shines through. This song reminds me of Right Where I Want You To Be and Have Faith In Me combined. Towards the end there is a gang vocals that will have fans sing and clap along live.

You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic- 2nd Sucks mixed in with All I Want. The band goes back to what you would have expected to hear on Homesick. The lead up to the breakdown is similar to that of My Life For Hire.

Out of Time-The start reminds me of Fall Out Boy “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs”. The instrumentation sounds like All I Want part 2.

If I Leave-No acoustic track to end the record off this time! I really like the riff. This might be one of my favourites out of the straight-up “Pop Punk” tracks on the record.

Overall, the new A Day To Remember record is better than homesick, but doesn’t have any tracks that pop out at you right away like Downfall or Wax, Larry did. This record is more Poppy then Homesick so you can be sure the trolls will be out in fullforce because of it.

First Listen: 7.5/10

- Patrick Walford

Rock The Walls on now featuring interviews with Close Your Eyes, Dead and Divine, and Enter Shikari


Listen to Rock The Walls tonight from 7-10 PM EST with me your host Patrick Walford as I play you the best in Punk/Ska/ Hardcore/Metalcore Music.

Tonight on the show there is going to be Interviews with Victory Records’ Pop Punk/Hardcore cross over Close Your Eyes ( at 7:30, Matt Tobin of Dead and Divine ( will be giving a update on how the writing/recording of their third album is coming, and UK’s Enter Shikari is going to be on the show at 9:30 EST (

As well the Inside The Music segment will take a look at songs from The Swellers and The Wonder Years. Also playing new music from Underoath, Suburban Legends, The Aquabats, A Day To Remember, and much more!

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Rock out!

- Patrick Walford
Host/Producer of Rock The Walls 

Show Preview: Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack with Saves The Day and AGBOL @ Sound Academy 11/04


This is one of the premiere Alternative/Pop Punk tours of the fall. Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything have been wanting to tour with each other for years now, but factors such as album and touring circles just never lined up. While they did technically share the main stage for the Warped in 2008, this is the first co-headlining tour both bands are doing together. Each both bands share a similar fanbase but each have their own specific take on Alt/Pop Rock.

Both SA and MCS have received nothing short of rave reviews so far this tour. They swap the headlining spot every night and get between 60-75 minutes each. The last band gets a extra 1-2 songs with an encore.

Who: Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack with Saves The Day, A Great Big Pile of Leaves as support

Why Should I Go?: This is one of the premiere Alternative/Pop Punk tours of the fall. Motion City Soundtrack and Say Anything have been wanting to tour with each other for years now, but factors such as album and touring circles just never lined up. While they did technically share the main stage for the Warped in 2008, this is the first co-headlining tour both bands are doing together. Each both bands share a similar fanbase but each have their own specific take on Alt/Pop Rock.

Both SA and MCS have received nothing short of rave reviews so far this tour. They swap the headlining spot every night and get between 60-75 minutes each. The last band gets a extra 1-2 songs with an encore.

Motion City Soundtrack brings a live performance that is unrivaled in the genre
Motion City Soundtrack has gained a reputation for being one of the best live shows you will see in the scene today from 8+years of relentless touring. As someone who has seen them 15 Times (16 on Thursday) You can expect the band to play 3-4 songs from each album. The Minneapolis quintet has been delighting fans by busting out rarities on this tour such as “Mary Without Sound”, “Throwdown”, and “Don’t Call It A Comeback”. Add this together with their hits and other surprises and you have about 15-17 songs each night depending if they are closing.

You can check out Motion City Soundtrack’s new video for “A Lifeless Ordinary” below. the band keeps making awesome music videos by coming up with great ideas:

Say Anything is a band that every single time you see them you can expect something interesting and different to occur. Rejuvenated Vocalist Max Bemis’ has been putting his passion and guts into the band’s live performance on this tour. Bemis is on a mission, but doesn’t forget to thank the fans for support. Through their own headliner for their self titled record last fall and a opening spot for Angels and Airwaves earlier in 2010, on this tour that Say Anything is kicking ass and taking names. Due to the departure of Alex Kent, Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line/Person L) is filling in. You can expect a surprise at some point in the Say Anything set involving a side project one of the members of Saves The Day and SA are apart of.

To top things off, the two supporting acts are stellar.

Saves The Day (Who are done recording their new record Daybreak finally!) are in the second slot. After many lineup changes over the past bit. Chris Conley and company have their lineup together (who’s new drummer was Motion City Soundtrack’s old Drum Tech, Claudio Riveria) and are ready to take off and take the pop punk world by storm once again. They band has been squeezing a many songs as they can in the slot they have, being album to fit as many as 13 songs in.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves are the unknown band on this tour to most. While they have self-released a couple of Eps and one full lengths for free download since 2006 (Go and checkout their myspace! Http:// this is a bad that is much different then the three other bands on tour. They bring a Indie Rock sound ala As Tall As Lions or Minus The Bear, tinging a bit of Jazz along the way. This tour will no doubt increase their fanbase at least three to four times the size it was before.You want to get to the venue early to make sure you catch these guys.

When: Thursday, November 4th(Tomorrow) Where: @Sound Academy in Toronto

Cost: $30

-Patrick Walford

Enter Shikari Posts New Song/Music Video


What’s up kids? Patrick Walford here with you.

School has been pretty busy, haven’t posted as much as I would like to.

Check this band out.  Enter Shikari. ( They have been around since 2003 and mix Post-Hardcore, and Dub-Step (no they are not cheesy and shitty like Abandon All Ships. Fuck that band.)

These guys are well-established band in the UK who are just starting to build their fanbase here in North America. They play to sold-out crowds and headline festivals in Europe on the regular. They have recently toured over here with A Day To Remember and are currently on a headlining run with Haste The Day (sorry kids, Toronto show was last monday!)

Tell me what you think of this song below. It’s called Destabilise:


- Patrick Walford

Rock The Walls on RIGHT NOW featuring Interviews with Authority Zero, Strung Out, and Against Me!


Listen to Rock The Walls with me Patrick Walford RIGHT NOW on You can listen in by going here:

We have segments with Veara and Parkway Drive tonight as well as Interviews with Strung Out @ 11:30 EST and Against Me! at 12:30am EST.

Rock on!

- Patrick Walford

Concert Review: Vans Warped Tour 2010 – Montreal


Hey what’s up everyone. This past summer I had the chance of a lifetime! I was chosen by MuchMusic to be their correspondent at the Montreal Warped tour stop. I interviewed some bands and reviewed the bands I saw.

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My Warped Tour journey started in Toronto catching some of the bands that would play montreal on Saturday. I would leave my house at 10pm on Friday Night to gain some ground until I got tired. I stopped in Cornwall around 4am and grabbed a pillow from the trunk and put my seat back to sleep for a few hours. Once I had stopped I had a hard time falling asleep. It was like it was my first warped tour all over again.

I had covered and interviewed bands at warped tour, but nothing on a scale of this importance! Having already interviewed Set Your Goals [they won the 2009 album of the year on my radioshow Rock The Walls and we had a hour special on them!], Bring Me The Horizon, and Every Time I Die I was feeling pretty comfortable. I was also so stoked to interview the guys in Parkway Drive. In my mind, they just released what will be one of the Metalcore albums of 2010. Go pick it up, it’s called Deep Blue! The entire day lived up to and exceeded expectations for this guy.

After waking up in Cornwall and eating some breakfast, it was off to Montre-al! We got into Montreal and i must say, you freakin’ frenchman have confusing signs. Just sayin’. Guess I should have taken more french classes in high school. Oh well.

Getting a extra ticket/pass into Warped Tour, it was another unique experience for me. Making the trip with me was my Dad. While it is generally considered “pretty lame!” to bring your parents alot with you, I thought this was something that would be rad for a father-son experience I would never forget. As my number one support in everything I do and it’s no different when it comes to my radioshow and interviewing bands. It wasn’t like he was going into it TOO blindly…he decided to check out one of the stops on Gig Life 2009 Tour that featured Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals last year. Needless to say, he had a idea of what to expect musically from each of the bands. I could have invited anyone of my friends but instead brought him. Don’t know if there are any dads out there that would be up to do that with their 20 year son. You are the best Dad!

Arriving in MTL at around 10 am, and having never been to Parc Jean Drapeau before, I had no idea it was in the middle of where the Formula 1 track was. Pretty cool to see!

One thing that I always dread/am excited for at Warped Tour is getting Inside and seeing the schedule. With so many great bands playing this year, I was expecting at least 3-4 conflicts between bands I wanted to catch. Thankfully, only two really came up. Every Time I Die started 20minutes before their buddies in Four Year Strong [check those guys out if you have not. They are on the cusp of exploding. New record is called Enemy Of The World! and Post-Hardcore band Enter Shikari with Motion City Soundtrack.

Upon figuring out my schedule, I decided to walk around with my dad to figure out where all the stages were. Cristopher Drew a.k.a NevershoutNever! Was playing on the Alternative Press Stage. As you would expect, all the 13-15year old girls were there in full force and losing their minds! Having heard a few songs off his record released in January, the expectations for his live performance were pretty low. Someone once said “He’s the poor man’s Justin Bieber”. Can’t say I disagree. I decided to watch for a song or two and I will be honest. The music came across alot better live in my opinion.

11:40 AM - The Snips

Straight from the Rose City of Welland, Ontario locals to my college town were on for the Toronto and Montreal Warped Tour dates. They played mostly songs off their Blackouts E.P including my personal favourite and the title track; Blackouts. If these dudes are in your neck of the woods, go catch them! Lead Singer Ricky Pridmore has a rad ‘stache too. Ricky, don’t shave that off dude.

11:55 PMThe Dillinger Escape Plan

Having been into D.E.P since the 10th grade of high school, I was excited to catch some of their set. On the back of the Warped Tour Stage Monitors it says “$100 dollar fine for any bands that jump off or climb on Monitors”. If they actually applied this to the dudes in Dillinger, those guys probably don’t have any money left for beer at this point in the tour. Vocalist Greg Puciato was the craziest of the bunch, climbing 25-30feet above ground on to the top of the amps at the left side of the stage near the end of their set. As it ended, they completely trashed their set up rockstar style. Badass!

12:50 PMEvery Time I Die


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