Constance Chan:

Thanks for visiting Room-Noise, this blog originally started as a project for myself to share my favourite music to my friends and family. Room-Noise’s first post was made in May 2009 on Blogger, since then it has gotten recoginition from musicians, DJ’s and producers internationally. As the months passed by, Room-Noise became my part-time job, hobby and life. As a student who is currently studying Radio and Television in University, I took the name of my blog to produce a twenty minute documentary, ElectriCITYI gathered the knowledge that I had gained from the past seven months blogging on Room-Noise to produce a film about the Electronic Music Scene in Toronto, Canada. That opportunity gave me a wider view of how essential blogs play in the music industry today.

Being a student who is aspiring to be in the music industry, blogging (in my opinion) is a great way to force yourself to get to know more about the music that is currently out there. Blogs nowadays play a huge role in the industry whether it be for music, film or television. I hope Room-Noise will help the readers out there to get a better view and listen of the latest tracks in the blogosphere.

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