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Mash-Up Mondays: Divide & Kreate, DJs From Mars, Mash-Up Germany


I haven’t done a Mash-Up Monday post in a while, and my apologies for that. This blog basically started because of my love for mash-ups and I know a lot of people are getting into this genre because of great mixes from DJ Earworm, Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, Madeon. And this year Mash-Up Germany finally got the acknowledgement he deserved with his Top of the Pops 2011 mash-up. I’ve been a huge fan of all these producers from the beginning, and it’s great to see when other people discover them.

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Divide & Kreate – Save The Streets (U2 vs. Swedish House Mafia)

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DJs From Mars – Where Dem Levels At (Avicii vs. David Guetta vs. DJs From Mars)

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Mashup-Germany – Who Knew Someone Like You… (Adele vs. Pink vs. 4 Non Blondes vs. Ben E. King vs. Snow Patrol vs. Lady Gaga vs. Whitney Houston)

- Constance

Best Albums of 2010: Constance


2010; what a fucking year for new music. It’s not so much that music has changed in a sense of style and the people, it’s the fact that the music scene has slowly made a transition into something different and bringing the old and mixing it with the new. I find myself listening to various genres that sound similar in some ways with artists that blend genres together to make something new. And that is what I loved most about this year in music.

Throughout this week, writers of Room-Noise will post their favourite albums of 2010. I say thanks to all the visitors who supported Room-Noise by spreading the word about our site, I appreciate everyone who emails me their work and the people they promote. 2010 was an insane year for me, I thank all the people of Toronto who showed me a new light of the entire music scene in this city. Have a great New Year!

10. Drake – Thank Me Later

Gotta have some Canadian musician on this list…but I have to admit, Drake did surprise me with his lyrics. Read them.

9. MGMT – Congratulations

I was pretty disappointed by this album to be honest, but nonetheless their originality still remained the same.

8. Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels

If you like Florence and the Machine, watch out for Marina and the Diamonds…I’m 100% sure they will be blown out by MTV or any sort mainstream television network in 2011.

7. Girl Talk – All Day

Do I also need to mention that the release of this album almost “broke” the internet?

6. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I’m pretty sure majority of the bloggers out there have Kanye’s new album on their 2010 list. His personality is a shame, but his skills in creating and producing melodic tunes and harmony is never a disappointment but an improvement. My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy, not only surprised me by his well known collaborations but also branching away from his other artists cliche tunes. What I noticed a lot in this album was using a lot more orchestral instruments, and as some of you might have seen from other reviews, he sampled classical musicians? Overall, I wasn’t disappointed but impressed by how Kanye continuously grows as a musician. But sadly, his personality and attitude doesn’t.

5. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

More and more people need to know about Janelle Monae, her voice is magnificently BEAUTIFUL. Janelle went to an Arts and Drama Academy and was originally going to pursue a career in Broadway…and I’m glad she didn’t. She was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 and also this coming year for Best Contemporary R&B. I hope she wins because Janelle Monae is the perfect example of what classy R&B music should be today.


4. Mike Posner – 31 Minutes to Takeoff

I quickly fell in love with Mike Posner this year. Similar to the reason why I love Janelle Monae, Mike Posner also has a unique voice. I had the chance to see him live in October at Mod Club and I was very surprised with his live performance and vocals. Besides the yelling fan girls in the crowd, Posner continuously thanked his fans and the people who came to the show. Musicians usually do that at every show they perform at, but I could tell that he really meant it since he kept on saying it after every song. Throughout 2009 and 2010, Mike Posner was living a double life by being a full-time musician and recording his album 31 Minutes to Takeoff, but he was also a full-time student at Duke University – he graduated this year. Although I didn’t like every song on the album, majority of them stood out to me – lyrically and emotionally. Definitely an album to check out if you like heartbreak themed music.

LISTEN TO: Cheated, Please Don’t Go, Do You Wanna?

3. Vampire Weekend – Contra

Contra has possibly made onto everyone’s Top Albums of 2010, and of course, it’s on mine. And it makes sense, every song on this album was not a disappointment. This band grew in popularity so quickly throughout 2010, I remember they played at the Sound Academy and then having a sold out show at The Molson Amphitheater. I think why many people like Vampire Weekend so much is that they sound SO different from what other indie alternative bands sound like right now. There is no cliche sound with Vampire Weekend, they remain original with their sound. If you listen to every song on Contra, there are so many different melodic tunes going on at once, and what I liked the most is that they used instruments and tunes that are rarely used in music today. Similar to why I liked Kanye’s album, they both stepped away from just the bass and guitar. Contra is the best album to listen to when you just want to be in a good mood.

LISTEN TO: Taxi Cab, Giving Up the Gun, Horchata, Holiday

2. Kid Cudi – Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Cudderrisback (also one of my favourite mashups of all time), that phrase will never go away with Kid Cudi. This entire year was just Kid Cudi music over and over again. None of his singles from his first album left my playlist, and adding onto the list was his mix tapes and collaborations that he has done. I don’t know what more to say about Kid Cudi other than the fact that this man is talented with his lyrics and tune. I give so much respect for him since the mainstream rappers today on television have half naked women dancing next to them, but Cudi…has class. In this year Kid Cudi has made it to my all time favourite male rapper and also one of my favourite music videos – directed by MegaForce. Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager was a different level of emotion and melody yet it wasn’t complicated because, he just simply rapped about what he wanted in life and the things that meant most to him. To me, all of the songs and lyrics in this album was a psychedelic story.

LISTEN TO: Ashin’ Kusher, REVOFEV, Marijuana, Scott Mescudi Vs. The World

1. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

BEST ALBUM OF 2010. I can go on forever about this album…Two Door Cinema Club will definitely blow up in the mainstream in 2011. They already somewhat have in 2010 with their music videos, tours and singles. When I first listened to Tourist History back in May, I was absolutely shocked at how every song on this album was not a downer. I think the main reason why I loved this album and band so much is that they are a combination of Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab for Cutie and Phoenix. If you love all three of those bands, Two Door Cinema Club is for you. Not only is their sound a mix of everything I love, but it is also because their music is so different and simply fun. The last thing I need on my playlist right now are bands who scream about depressing issues – Two Door Cinema Club is the complete opposite. To me, they tell a love story with their lyrics and music. I give so much credit to this band and when I saw them live in October, it was definitely a reminder of why I love this band and why I must see them again.


- Constance

Room-Noise Productions



Electronic music has certainly influenced many top singles and new artists of 2009 and late 2008. We hear about so many popular Electronic artists across the world, especially from Europe such as Benny Benassi, David Guetta and Tiesto. And additionally from the United States such as Diplo and Girl Talk who make it onto the Billboard charts. But what about Canada? Better yet, what about Toronto? The Electronic scene in Toronto and even around the world has a whole different sense of business, promotion and interaction. The new ways DJ’s are trying to make it into the music industry has it’s own particular success story. But many of these DJ’s already have one tool to their success and that is online music blogs. ElectriCITY, talks about the revolution of online music blogging in the Electronic scene and how it affects the future of the music industry, artists, and those who are trying to make it “big”. The Electronic genre and many others like it have an underlying promotion and business that gets the help from the most popular music blog aggregators such as Hype Machine,, and MOG. Those sites collect and assist smaller blogs such as Salacious Sound and Electro Toronto who promote DJ’s from across the world and local areas. These online entries sometimes catch the attention of other popular musicians, or Artists and Repertoire’s in the industry that is looking for new talent. ElectriCITY explores these factors of success, struggle and the evolution of Electronic music through interviews with DJ’s, blog owners and club attendees.


Directed & Produced by: Connie Chan

CAST (In Order of Appearance):
Barletta – Hans Edquist
The Monarch – David King
Golden Gloves – Ben Rosenberg
DJ Cal – Cailen McQuattie
Golden Gloves – Kevin Cowie
John Roman
The Vamp – Antonino Cerminara
Stonewall Trackson – Marco Patricio

Directors Assistant: Jerrad Pulham
First Assistant Camera: Brian Lee
Second Assistant Camera: Jerrad Pulham
Third Assistant Camera: Samantha Miller
Production Assistants: Katherine Kwan, Kristen Watt
Lighting Technicians: Samantha Miller, Kristen Watt
Story Editor: Brian Trinh
Film Editor: Brian Lee
Second Assistant Editor: Connie Chan
Audio Editor: Connie Chan
Music Editor: Connie Chan

Carnivores – John Roman
Fire + Gold – Barletta
Huh? – John Roman & Golden Gloves
On The Floor – John Roman
Martyr – John Roman
Casablanca – Golden Gloves
Ready For This – John Roman
Whisper – Barletta

That’s what? DAS RACIST! (we don’t often post, but when we do it’s great!)



One thing is true about Das Racist: their music can’t be compared to anything in hip-hop today. What other group mentions Genghis Khan and Turtle from “Entourage” on the same song? And that’s not even talking about their album. On their two mixtapes “Sit Down, Man” and “Shut Up, Dude” Das Racist brought out hilarious jokes, obscure references, and an astute awareness of popular culture. But there isn’t really a need to classify the group into any genre either. After all, not many liberal arts school students become rappers.  The creativity and intelligence demonstrated on the mixtapes only continues to impress with the release of “Relax” (September 13). The first commercial attempt didn’t bastardize the material; just made it slightly toned down. In short, listen to the mixtapes, then listen to the album. Then play it to your friends, and in your car, and in your grandma’s kitchen.

Recomended tracks

Relax: Girl, Happy Rappy

Shut Up Dude: Shorty Said, Rainbow in The Dark, Nutmeg

Sit Down Man: Amazing, Fashion Party, Rapping To You

Rainbow in the Dark video:

Concert Review: Vans Warped Tour 2010 – Montreal


Hey what’s up everyone. This past summer I had the chance of a lifetime! I was chosen by MuchMusic to be their correspondent at the Montreal Warped tour stop. I interviewed some bands and reviewed the bands I saw.

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My Warped Tour journey started in Toronto catching some of the bands that would play montreal on Saturday. I would leave my house at 10pm on Friday Night to gain some ground until I got tired. I stopped in Cornwall around 4am and grabbed a pillow from the trunk and put my seat back to sleep for a few hours. Once I had stopped I had a hard time falling asleep. It was like it was my first warped tour all over again.

I had covered and interviewed bands at warped tour, but nothing on a scale of this importance! Having already interviewed Set Your Goals [they won the 2009 album of the year on my radioshow Rock The Walls and we had a hour special on them!], Bring Me The Horizon, and Every Time I Die I was feeling pretty comfortable. I was also so stoked to interview the guys in Parkway Drive. In my mind, they just released what will be one of the Metalcore albums of 2010. Go pick it up, it’s called Deep Blue! The entire day lived up to and exceeded expectations for this guy.

After waking up in Cornwall and eating some breakfast, it was off to Montre-al! We got into Montreal and i must say, you freakin’ frenchman have confusing signs. Just sayin’. Guess I should have taken more french classes in high school. Oh well.

Getting a extra ticket/pass into Warped Tour, it was another unique experience for me. Making the trip with me was my Dad. While it is generally considered “pretty lame!” to bring your parents alot with you, I thought this was something that would be rad for a father-son experience I would never forget. As my number one support in everything I do and it’s no different when it comes to my radioshow and interviewing bands. It wasn’t like he was going into it TOO blindly…he decided to check out one of the stops on Gig Life 2009 Tour that featured Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals last year. Needless to say, he had a idea of what to expect musically from each of the bands. I could have invited anyone of my friends but instead brought him. Don’t know if there are any dads out there that would be up to do that with their 20 year son. You are the best Dad!

Arriving in MTL at around 10 am, and having never been to Parc Jean Drapeau before, I had no idea it was in the middle of where the Formula 1 track was. Pretty cool to see!

One thing that I always dread/am excited for at Warped Tour is getting Inside and seeing the schedule. With so many great bands playing this year, I was expecting at least 3-4 conflicts between bands I wanted to catch. Thankfully, only two really came up. Every Time I Die started 20minutes before their buddies in Four Year Strong [check those guys out if you have not. They are on the cusp of exploding. New record is called Enemy Of The World! and Post-Hardcore band Enter Shikari with Motion City Soundtrack.

Upon figuring out my schedule, I decided to walk around with my dad to figure out where all the stages were. Cristopher Drew a.k.a NevershoutNever! Was playing on the Alternative Press Stage. As you would expect, all the 13-15year old girls were there in full force and losing their minds! Having heard a few songs off his record released in January, the expectations for his live performance were pretty low. Someone once said “He’s the poor man’s Justin Bieber”. Can’t say I disagree. I decided to watch for a song or two and I will be honest. The music came across alot better live in my opinion.

11:40 AM - The Snips

Straight from the Rose City of Welland, Ontario locals to my college town were on for the Toronto and Montreal Warped Tour dates. They played mostly songs off their Blackouts E.P including my personal favourite and the title track; Blackouts. If these dudes are in your neck of the woods, go catch them! Lead Singer Ricky Pridmore has a rad ‘stache too. Ricky, don’t shave that off dude.

11:55 PMThe Dillinger Escape Plan

Having been into D.E.P since the 10th grade of high school, I was excited to catch some of their set. On the back of the Warped Tour Stage Monitors it says “$100 dollar fine for any bands that jump off or climb on Monitors”. If they actually applied this to the dudes in Dillinger, those guys probably don’t have any money left for beer at this point in the tour. Vocalist Greg Puciato was the craziest of the bunch, climbing 25-30feet above ground on to the top of the amps at the left side of the stage near the end of their set. As it ended, they completely trashed their set up rockstar style. Badass!

12:50 PMEvery Time I Die


MixTape Wednesdays: 500 Days of Weezy


Latest tracks by mysickuncle

So while you hipster kids were wearing your “Free Weezy” tees around town for the last year and all you other hipster kids were secretly fantasizing about Zoey Deschanel, some kind soul gave you a reason to put on your wayfarers, take the plaid off the hanger and throw some steaks on the grill to a 24 of cold Pabst. Please welcome “500 Days of Weezy” This album is as melodic as some of the best collaborators on the soundtrack (Feist, The Smiths, Wolfmother, Simon and Garfunkel) as it is equally enticingly gritty with Wayne’s lyrics with numerous appearances by his collaborators (great take on Kanye’s Barry Bonds). Look for dialogue clips from the film, and bits of interview with Weezy. Enjoy on a humid Friday night. Oh, and go talk to that girl on the couch dude, she’s been eyeing you all night.
More on me later.

- The Ecstatic

Download MixTape: 500 Days of Weezy – My Sick Uncle

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