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Mash-Up Mondays: Divide & Kreate, DJs From Mars, Mash-Up Germany


I haven’t done a Mash-Up Monday post in a while, and my apologies for that. This blog basically started because of my love for mash-ups and I know a lot of people are getting into this genre because of great mixes from DJ Earworm, Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, Madeon. And this year Mash-Up Germany finally got the acknowledgement he deserved with his Top of the Pops 2011 mash-up. I’ve been a huge fan of all these producers from the beginning, and it’s great to see when other people discover them.

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Divide & Kreate – Save The Streets (U2 vs. Swedish House Mafia)

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DJs From Mars – Where Dem Levels At (Avicii vs. David Guetta vs. DJs From Mars)

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Mashup-Germany – Who Knew Someone Like You… (Adele vs. Pink vs. 4 Non Blondes vs. Ben E. King vs. Snow Patrol vs. Lady Gaga vs. Whitney Houston)

- Constance


New Music: Korean Pop Hitting the U.S. Top 40′s



As a blogger, I never really write about the music from my culture or even any others to be quite honest. I decided to do something different with this topic and showcase the upcoming international acts that have already collaborated with American electronic producers. I do love writing about the latest musicians from the US, UK and Canadian market, but how often do you see or read popular online music blogs who showcase the same genre, but in a different language? Sure, you and I might not understand what they’re singing, but you can’t say no to a good/catchy background beat…

During one of my late nights of researching and reviewing music, I stumbled across a Korean boy band by the name of Super Junior. And let me say… I was surprised that there 13 members in one band. 10?! You can make up to 2-3 bands with that size, but in the South Korean market, that’s how they like to do it. While listening to their track and checking out other labels in South Korea.. I came across 2NE1. If I were to put Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and J-Lo, this would be the equivalent of that. These girls are huge… so popular that just last year Will.i.Am invited the group over to his studio to produce an album.

Although this isn’t the first time we’re seeing Korean musicians in the North American music charts (BoA, Wonder Girls), it’s only a matter of time that we’re going to see this become even more popular. Going back to 2NE1, I was really surprised at their sound and in a way.. their originality (in a Korean music stand point). Just last month, the group won MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World, gaining even more recognition with the North American market and from producers such as Diplo. In the video above, was an interview conducted earlier this week at MTV Headquarters in NYC. The girls had the chance to perform at a live event for the first time with the network, bringing even more attention to their upcoming full-length English album produced by Will.i.Am, which is set to be released in early 2012.

Personally, by just listening to only three tracks so far by these girls.. I’m already addicted to their stuff. Even Diplo had a couple of good words about 2NE1, mentioning that “they’re crazy live…and they already have a head start”. I hope this short post will give you an idea on what’s about to happen in the new year with international musicians. And that there’s more to the Top 40 charts, right now we see more and more Canadian acts in the American market, but will we soon get acts from Asia? We’ll just have to wait and see.

2NE1 – I’m the Best

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (English Version)

- Constance


Mix-Tape Wednesdays: Top 5 Favourite Essential Mixes of 2011


In three weeks 2011 is about to come to an end – bringing in a new year of music, mix-tapes and remixes. There was definitely one thing that changed and came to my attention this year with mix-tapes.. and that’s BBC Radio 1′s Essential Mixes. If you go on the official site you can vote for your favourite essential mix of the year. Unfortunately, I cannot just pick one, so I’ll list my top 5 favourite mixes.

Throughout this year, these essential mixes have blown up. More and more DJ’s and producers are getting the recognition they deserve because of this one to two hour mix. I think these essential mixes are also a good judgement of how DJ’s and producers perform during a live event – as most of these are recorded through a concert event. And to be honest with my readers, I find these mixes to be 100% accurate of what their actual playlist will be like. So next time, if you’re unsure about checking out a DJ/Producer at a show, listen to their essential mixes to get a feel.

Calvin Harris – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (Live in Carlisle)


Jamie xx Essential Mix


James Blake – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


You can check out the rest of the set list and DJ’s/Producers featured on the show in 2011 on the official website.

More updates to come.

- Constance Chan

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