One thing is true about Das Racist: their music can’t be compared to anything in hip-hop today. What other group mentions Genghis Khan and Turtle from “Entourage” on the same song? And that’s not even talking about their album. On their two mixtapes “Sit Down, Man” and “Shut Up, Dude” Das Racist brought out hilarious jokes, obscure references, and an astute awareness of popular culture. But there isn’t really a need to classify the group into any genre either. After all, not many liberal arts school students become rappers.  The creativity and intelligence demonstrated on the mixtapes only continues to impress with the release of “Relax” (September 13). The first commercial attempt didn’t bastardize the material; just made it slightly toned down. In short, listen to the mixtapes, then listen to the album. Then play it to your friends, and in your car, and in your grandma’s kitchen.

Recomended tracks

Relax: Girl, Happy Rappy

Shut Up Dude: Shorty Said, Rainbow in The Dark, Nutmeg

Sit Down Man: Amazing, Fashion Party, Rapping To You

Rainbow in the Dark video: