I’ve had to revamp this blog at least three times in the past year, and it’s mainly because being dedicated to something such as this site takes a lot of time and effort. So I’ve decided to make some changes towards the way I blog and to somewhat keep it informal and simply post the music that I love to share with others. Most blogs nowadays post so much music everyday and I give these bloggers so much respect because it is literally a part time job.

What I have concluded is to blog is to start analyzing or also “rant” about some of the trends in music today. A couple of months back I wroteIs Britney Spears a Musical Genius – which I must say I was proud of writing something like that. I might not be a true music journalist. But I believe in writing about something that I’m very passionate about is as good as putting up free music for everyone to listen to. Clearly this blog is not about gaining popularity, but it is simply for music lovers such as myself to gain more knowledge about music and to share it with others out there.

So for PR’s, labels or other musicians, please keep sending me your submissions! I do look over them. But sometimes I choose the ones that I feel works well for me, and the viewers of this blog.