Message from Constance Chan:

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support throughout the past year towards Room-Noise. Without blog readers, Room-Noise would not have lasted! For the past four months I have been through such a crazy experience. I had the opportunity to film a documentary that was part of Room-Noise and met so many great DJ’s and bloggers across the GTA. But sadly after the success of the film Google/Blogger had deleted – I quickly bought a new domain and decided to make it better than before. Because of ElectriCITY I had nearly no time to prepare and make Room-Noise a better blog and therefore no time to write or put up posts. Since August I have been slowly creating and finding new ways to make Room-Noise a better music blog for all kinds of people to stumble upon. Therefore, I officially announce that Room-Noise will not be owned by only me, but five new contributing writers! Room-Noise was originally a blog that was purely dedicated to Mash-Up, Remixes, Electro and Hip-Hop. But I have decided to make this blog open to all kinds of genres. Be on the lookout for great new posts and genres from our writers. Keep on visiting Room-Noise, and if there are any questions or concerns please feel free to forward them to

What’s New:

New Writers:
Room-Noise has an addition of five new writers; each will be specifically covering certain genres. Please email them if you want to promote your music under their specified genre.


BRIAN LEE – Electro/Trance –

PATRICK WALFORD – Rock/Punk/Alternative –

SHAIN CHRISTIAN – Electro/House/Dubstep –

STEPH LAUREN – Folk/Alternative –

Old Features:
Mash-Up Mondays, Mix Tape Wednesdays and Remix Fridays will still be part of Room-Noise’s Weekly Features. Along with Room-Noise’s own radio show that will air on SpiritLive.Net – the date of the weekly show will be announced soon.

New Features:
Weekly: Because of Room-Noise’s expansion, our writers will be doing weekly features such as album reviews, concert reviews and much more. Keep on visiting to see what our new writers have to provide!
Audio: We will have weekly features by Patrick with his online radio show Rock the Walls. Another new audio feature will be written by Artem who will be reviewing a bi-weekly podcast of the latest indie music hosted by Toronto DJ’s.
Events: Since Room-Noise is based off of Toronto, we will be promoting weekly and monthly events that are across the Greater Toronto Area.


Room-Noise are always open to new music and promoting events, please send only high quality mp3’s, posters or images to

If you want to be a contributing writer for Room-Noise please email with your experience and genres of interest.

If there are any suggestions or questions feel free to forward them to our email. You can find Room-Noise on:


Thank-you everyone for your support! Keep on visiting Room-Noise.

- Room-Noise Team